Queen's University - Master's Study-Abroad Programme

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1)  QU will admit up to four qualified MEd students from SFS to the MEd in the Fall Term under the Special Student category, and for January and February (2 months) as Visiting Research Students to work on research under the advising of the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research.


2) SFS will send Queen’s a list of students who are considered for this program. Prospective students will submit the application, with the supporting documentation required by the School of Graduate Studies and the Queen’s graduate program of study directly to Queen’s. Prospective students must satisfy all admission requirements, including language proficiency requirements as posted on the Queen’s website.


3) Participating students are expected to return to SFS to complete their degree. Credit will be granted by Queen's for approved work successfully completed at Queen's during the study abroad period.


4) By May 15 each year, Queen’s will send to SFS a list of the courses that will be offered at the Faculty of Education and available to SFS students in the academic year beginning in September of that same year. Sample course outlines for most courses are also available to assist advisors and students in course selection.


5) The program fee (international tuition plus application ancillary fees) will be paid by each participating student for each term enrolled at Queen’s directly to Queen’s by the deadlines established in Queen’s published fee-payment schedule.


6) Participating students will be responsible for all costs associated with their books, travel, transportation and living expenses while at Queen’s.


7) Participating students are responsible for finding and paying for their own accommodation; however, Queen’s will provide participating students with resources and information about local accommodations when asked to do so by the student or SFS.


8) SFS students attending Queen's must enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for the terms spent at Queen's. The plan is mandatory for all participating students and the students will be responsible for payment of the UHIP premium in full prior to registration at Queen's. Queen's warrants that it will inform students about this requirement and will direct them to information about the UHIP, available at www.auic.aueensu.ca/incomin}/uhin.asn.

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