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1) SFS Master’s students who wish to undertake a full-time LU Master’s in conjunction with their SCNU Master’s programme, and who meet LU’s admission requirements, will automatically be offered a place on a specified LU Master’s Programme after completing the first year of the two/three-year SFS Master’s programme. Students who do not meet LU’s admission requirements will not be permitted to participate in the joint degree programme.


2) Master’s students at SFS will apply directly to LU for the full-time LU Master’s.  All applications will be made online using LU’s MyApplications website.


3) Students who wish to undertake a Master’s programme at LU will be pre-selected by SFS on the basis of LU’s entry requirements, Bachelor’s degree performance and current SFS Master’s degree performance. Students must have achieved the equivalent of an upper second class honours degree in their Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject and have achieved a minimum average percentage score of 80% in their first semester at SFS. Students must also meet the English language test requirements for the programme for which they apply.  In those instances in which the LU Admissions Office is unable to determine if the entry requirements have been met, the application will be referred to the department whose decision will be final. 


4) In addition to meeting the requirements of item 3. Above, students applying to MA English Literary Studies will also be required to attend an interview with the department, which can be attended via Skype.


5) The progression routes available for SFS Master’s students under the terms of this Agreement are as follows:

Students taking one of the following programmes at SFS:

A. MA Translation and Interpretation (MTI): School of Foreign Studies (2 years)

B. MA Linguistics and Applied Linguistics: School of Foreign Studies

C. MA English Language and Literature: School of Foreign Studies

D. MA Education (specialism: English Language Teaching): School of Foreign Studies


may progress to one of the following programmes at LU:

- MA Discourse Studies: Department of Linguistics and English Language (from Programmes A-D above)

- MA Language and Linguistics: Department of Linguistics and English Language (from Programmes A-D above)

- MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL: Department of Linguistics and English Language (from Programmes A-D above)

- MA Translation: Department of Languages and Cultures (from Programmes A-C above)

- MA English Literary Studies: Department of English and Creative Writing (from Programme C above)


6) SFS students will be required to successfully complete the LU programme and pass all the requirements for the award of degree, including the dissertation. LU Masters degrees are conferred in December each year.


7) SCNU agrees to recognise the credits awarded for the LU Master’s towards the credits required for the award of a SCNU Master’s degree.


8) The SCNU Master’s degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete the SFS Master’s programme and pass all required final examinations included in the final state attestation, following the provisions of applicable legislation in China, SCNU’s Charter and other SCNU local regulatory acts.  The dissertation written for the SCNU award shall contain no more than 30% of any material that contributes towards the Lancaster Master’s degree dissertation.


9) There will be no tuition fee charged for the 2-week Study Start (Study Skills) or, if required, the 4-week English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course.  Students will be required to pay the accommodation costs and other living expenses for this course.

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