Seminar on Core Competencies in English Language Learning and Foreign Language Education Informationization Held in SFS

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From March 29th to April 1st, 2018, the Seminar on Core Competencies in English Language Learning and Foreign Language Education Informationization was held with special sessions on teaching skills training. The event was  organized in line with the Guangdong Province's strategic goals for education and  “New Ecole Normale” project. The seminar and training aimed at improving the level of English teaching and research in primary and secondary schools and promoting academic exchanges and collaborative innovation across the country. With scholars of high profile attending and 1,200 participants from 14 provinces, the event was a huge success, maintaining a balance between theory and practice, academic research and practical skills training.

At the opening, Prof. Wu Jian, Vice President of SCNU, announced the establishment of SCNU Foreign Language Education Informationization Research Center and EMI Research Center. He also launched the South China Outstanding English Teacher Network and two online courses for Chinese University MOOC.

The Seminar and Training were focused on the subjects of English language teaching, key competencies, informationization, teacher training and upgrading. Keynote speakers were Prof. Wang Qiang and Prof. Cheng Xiaotang from Beijing Normal University, core members of the Revised Curriculum Standards for High School English, and Prof. Jiao Jianli from SCNU's School of Education and Information Technology.  Backbone teachers from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou were invited to give and share demonstrative teaching skills, which were followed by on-the-spot comments from experts including Jiang Jingli, Tang Qing, Xia Enli, and Zhang Ronggan. Later, Professors from the School of Foreign Studies, Gu Hongli, Huang Liyan, Xu Manfei and Liu Xiaobin presented on topics of cultural awareness, teaching evaluation, teaching design, and development of critical thinking skills.

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