Students to Daegu University of Education for Summer Camp

Post:2017-08-15 14:55:00

Fourteen SCNU students, with eight from SFS, led by SFS party secretary Xu Yifeng and Prof. Cui Shengxue, were in South Korea for the summer camp in the midst of summer vacation of 2017. The camp was hosted by Daegu University of Education, South Korea for the students to experience the uniqueness of Korean culture and promote inter-cultural awareness.

Students attended courses, visited local museums, historical sites and workplaces in such historic cities as Daegu, Qingzhou and Busan, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Korea Royal Palace Museum, Seoul Education Museum and Seoul National University in South Korea's capital city. In the end, every student shared their experience and discoveries with presentation on self chosen topic. The summer camp proved an eye-opening experience for the students to understand Korean culture, and an important step in the cooperation between SCNU and Daegu University of Education.

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