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Prof. He Anping's Introduction to Corpus-Assisted English Teaching (revised edition; first edition 2010) was published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing in March 2017. In the new edition, He made a series of revisions to better suit the growing need of college courses in corpus linguistics and national-level training for primary and secondary school teachers of English. The first edition was selected in October 2014 by China's Ministry of Education as a "Nationally Planned Textbook in the Twelfth Five-year Plan for Higher Education."

The revised edition has been comprehensively updated in content, layout, and resource integration. The book offers 44 accessible teaching activities (downloadable for free from that feature a practical combination of basic concepts and core technologies of corpus linguistics. Each activity reflects the knowledge construction process from defining the inquiry, through providing the samples, demonstrating each step, guiding the observation and analysis, to summarizing key points and theorizing the findings. Moreover, a review section is supplemented where the core concepts in corpus linguistics and foreign language education are provided to bolster high quality English teaching and research.

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